Chicken recipes

Welcome to our page dedicated to the culinary wonders of the forest, "Les Recettes Poulettes", an exclusive collection of recipes inspired by nature and concocted with passion by Marie Line Tremblay, the creative soul behind Poule des Bois.

Through “Les Recettes Poulettes”, Marie Line shares with you his passion for authentic cuisine and his secrets for transforming forest treasures into comforting, healthy and absolutely delicious dishes. Each recipe is an invitation to discover the unique flavors of local and wild products, picked with care and respect for our beautiful nature.

Our philosophy

At Poule des Bois, we believe that the best ingredients come from our immediate environment. It is this philosophy that guides Marie Line in the creation of each recipe. From picking wild mushrooms to harvesting the juiciest berries, each step is a step closer to a dish that tells a story, that of our terroir.

Discover our recipes

Our Chicken recipes are more than just a cooking method; they are a celebration of life in the forest and the generosity of nature. Here's a preview of what you'll discover:

Onion Soup with Poule des Bois Rousse Beer

A comforting and tasty interpretation of the classic onion soup, this version is enhanced by the addition of Rousse Poule des Bois beer. The combination of the sweetness of the caramelized onions and the rich, malty notes of the beer creates a creamy and enveloping soup. Each spoonful is an invitation to rediscover a classic of French cuisine through the prism of the flavors of our region.

Fish n' Chips with the Rousse

Reinvent the traditional Fish n' Chips with a local touch: the Rousse Poule des Bois. The beer brings an incomparable lightness and crispness to the dough, enveloping the fish in a golden and tasty color. Served with homemade fries and a twist on tartar sauce, this dish transforms into a celebration of pub food, with a nod to our culinary and brewing heritage. A true feast for the senses, perfect for sharing a convivial and gourmet moment.

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Marie Line and the entire Poule des Bois team invite you to dive into the world of Poulette Recipes. Share with us your creations, your discoveries and above all, your love for cuisine that honors our natural heritage.

Don't wait any longer, explore, experiment and let yourself be guided by the flavors of the forest. Poulette Recipes aren't just one-page instructions; they are the start of a culinary adventure that you will not soon forget.

Welcome to our world, where nature meets cuisine, and where every dish tells a story. Welcome to Les Recettes Poulettes.