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Marie Line Tremblay

She is nicknamed the Chief Hen, the Mother Hen or affectionately The Hen. Marie Line founded the Poule des Bois brand in 2017 after realizing that women were often forgotten in the outdoor sector. The hunting and fishing sectors offer the least choice for women. This is how she created a range of odorless, gentle body care products adapted to women's needs. Following a dazzling response to the brand, she added suitable accessories and clothing to make life easier for her chickens in the woods. Being a woman attentive to the needs of her chickens, she created a secret group solely dedicated to women promoting exchanges and knowledge in order to help the next generation of women. With her head full of original ideas for the coming years, Marie Line will definitely surprise you!


Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Angliers

Frédérique Brassard

Beautician, specialized and passionate about manicures of all levels, she can turn on a 10 cents to put on her camouflage outfit! Over the past 10 years, she has developed great passions such as moose, deer, bear and partridge hunting. We must not forget her interest in fishing! Give her water and a forest and her weekends will be full… all accompanied by her lover and her Redtail Ruby!
Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Amos

Kim Fortin

Kim lives in Amos, a small town in Abitibi-Témiscamingue. Don't look for her, she's in the woods! She enjoys fishing, hiking, mountain biking, snowmobiling, camping, as well as mushroom and berry picking. Newly a hunter, she intends to let us experience her adventures with her. Kim has great interpersonal skills and she cares about everything surrounding the forest! Moreover, she works within the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forests. Her partner being a forester too, there are many discussions at home surrounding “wood”.
Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Val-d’Or

Melanie Francoeur

For her, wood is family! Whether it's moose, bear or partridge hunting, fishing, camping and recently trapping, it's always accompanied by your boyfriend, your 2 boys and your dog Jack! Besides, his challenge this year is to make him a blood dog! In short, his key phrase “what a crime we are in the woods!” ".
Bas-Saint-Laurent, Rimouski

Emilie Avit

Our hen grew up in the Caribbean and has always loved the outdoors. It was in his early twenties that his future rooster introduced him to hunting and fishing. At first it was a hobby before it became a passion. Émilie loves being outside and varying her activities: hiking, kayaking, swimming, road trip, hunting, fishing, cross-country skiing, camping, 4-wheeling, snowmobiling, etc. She feels so good in nature and can spend hours observing its landscapes!
Capitale-Nationale, St-Raymond-de-Portneuf

Claudia Lavigne-Plourde

Originally from Val-d'Or in Abitibi but since 2009 she has lived in St-Raymond. Having difficulty leaving her native Abitibi, she still works seasonally at the forest nursery in her former region. In the winter, she fills her hours by working in the maple groves. She has her course in forest management and is currently doing her herbalism course. She has been a fishing fanatic since a young age, especially ice fishing, and more recently she learned about hunting thanks to the discovery of archery. She acquired a piece of woodland a year ago and the projects continue to grow. If you're looking for her, she's in the forest walking, snowshoeing, harvesting mushrooms or identifying plants and trees with her two daughters! She is passionate about the outdoors, a go-getter and she loves new challenges!
Capitale-Nationale, Québec

Amélie Guillot

A native of Quebec, she has had a passion for hunting since her childhood thanks to her father. At 14 years old she harvested her first moose and since then, the passion has only grown. Having been fishing for several years now, it is an activity that she really enjoys doing with her family.
Centre-du-Québec, Drummondville

Annick Gélineau

Annick is a persevering woman with great character. She has been hunting for several years, following the encounter with her rooster, and she has been fishing since she was little. This field fascinates her so much that she made it a profession and a way of life. She has worked in an outfitter for 5 years. She loves passing on her knowledge to other people and she loves bear hunting!
Centre-du-Québec, Drummondville

Lauréanne Déry

Lauréanne is a passionate, dynamic, sociable woman who cares about nature and loves deer hunting. Originally from the Lotbinière region, she has now lived in Centre-du-Québec for 23 years. Mother of 2, she is a web platform educator and textile and knitting entrepreneur. Learning about hunting goes back a long way, her family being all hunters, she actually started deer hunting 10 years ago with her partner who also traps. Lauréanne also likes fishing but less in winter, her favorite season is summer, she even started picking mushrooms this year. Passionate about gardening and cooking, she knows how to prepare game with care and taste! Thirsty to learn, she is curious, she likes to share her experiences, her learnings and learn even more from others! Exchanging with others in the hunting and fishing world nourishes his authentic side. With her it's black or white, not dark gray!!

Chaudière-Appalaches, Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce

Vanessa Brousseau

Raised in the countryside on a dairy farm, our Beauceronne Hen learned, from a young age, to take full advantage of the riches that nature can bring us. For her, nothing is better than spending quality time with family in the great outdoors. Moreover, this is what she and her partner transmit as a value to their 3 boys. Whether hunting moose, deer, small game, fishing for various species or even hiking, this energetic woman will always find a way to surpass herself and learn new things in her life. what she sees. Now, who is embarking on Poule Vanessa’s adventure??!?!
Chaudière-Appalaches, Saint-Gervais

Krystine Beaulieu-Thériault

For Krystine, hunting and fishing are not just a passion, but a way of life. Being part of the land cadets in her youth, she already spent most of her time in the woods. A native of the lower river, she left her native place to study, where she met her partner who subsequently passed on to her his passion for hunting and fishing. If she is not woodworking, she fishes for trout or hunts small or big game depending on the time of year.
Côte-Nord, Havre-St-Pierre

Genevieve Cormier

Coming from the North Shore is often synonymous with living far away… For Geneviève it is rather synonymous with wide open spaces, woods and the outdoors. Living in front of a national park, the sea has always been part of his life. She was introduced very early to trout and landlocked salmon fishing on the lakes north of the village, both in summer and winter. His passion for hunting (especially moose) has developed more intensely in recent years. Skidoo, mountain biking, boating and paddleboarding are among the activities she does regularly, depending on the season. Passionate about the outdoors and a go-getter in life in general, she is always up for new adventures
Côte-Nord, Sept-Îles

Andrea Monger

A woman, a mother of 4 children who loves time outside in the woods on the beach, camping, a woman of nature who loves fishing and hunting but who doesn't always have the chance to do it but for her it's is a moment of freedom. She loves snowmobiling, ATVing, paddle boarding, sea kayaking. Her favorite season by far is summer to make the most of nature with her children. She is a girl who is always in a good mood and doesn't see anything negative, there are always solutions to everything! Long live nature to recharge your batteries!

Isabelle Fortier

Isabelle lives in the beautiful Estrie region. She loves taking on new challenges! Isabelle enjoys hunting, fishing and camping. Determined to surpass herself. Isabelle has grown since her arrival in our beautiful big family of chickens! Mother of two children, she proudly gives them her know-how and shares her passion with her partner. The outdoors is his passion!

Audrey Corriveau

Audrey was born in the taiga. At a very young age, she was introduced to walking in the forest, handling boats, outdoor life and camping. It was also in the North that she discovered her passion for fly fishing and hunting. Anticosti was for several years a game territory for deer. She makes her own flies and some hunting accessories. Now established in the beautiful region of Gaspésie, it is accompanied by her partner that she spends most of her leisure time in the forests or near the water, on foot or by mountain bike, in order to realize her two passions: salmon fishing and hunting of small and big game as well as waterfowl.
Gatineau, Outaouais

Carine Fauteux

Our beautiful Carine is passionate about camping, adventure, hunting, fishing, but especially archery. Always up for new adventures, one project doesn't wait for the other! Mom of 2 girls, we wonder where Carine finds the time to do all that? Easy, she passes on her passion and knowledge to them as best she can. Carine involves them and helps them grow in harmony with nature.
Grand-Remous, Outaouais

Josée Leclerc

Accountant by profession, retired for several years and above all eager to learn in all areas, including hunting, fishing and trapping. Even with a father and brothers who were hunters, it was with her partner that she started hunting. Josée loves getting out of her comfort zone by signing up for all kinds of activities. Her first bear hunting experience was among a group of women following an article published in the newspaper La Presse! Subsequently, she initiated her partner and is no longer arrestable. Josée, our little lady from Grand-Remous, full of energy and positive, will be able to give you the bug!
Jonquière, Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean

Nancy Ratté

Nancy is a passionate, generous woman, who likes to share and above all who always has a smile and good humor on her face. Passionate about all things heart-shaped, Nancy is a lover of life. She's my little SAG freak! She lives in the countryside on a family farm that is obsessed with fishing, bear hunting and deer hunting. She is a beneficiary attendant by profession, mother of 2 grown boys. Nancy loves the outdoors, walking and Taking a Kayak!

Lanaudière, Saint-Zénon

Kelly Ann Durand

Kelly Ann is a fan of all things nature. This young woman already has a lot of experience and is a person with good family values. Her passion for hunting started at a very young age when she went hunting with her father and uncles! Hunting has always been a family sport for her and a treasured moment. Practicing hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, she is the image of the young woman thriving in a field offering more and more space to women.
Mauricie, Trois-Rivières

Nathalie Hamel

Passionate about the outdoors Nathalie has several passions and activities that fill her free time! Kayaking, hiking, cross-country skiing, jogging and cycling have been part of his life for several years. Recently, she discovered fishing and hunting and loves it! Having a great need to move and it is said that she has endless energy! It's the Energizer chicken!
Matagami, Nord-du-Québec

Josée Morin

Mother of 2 children, her goal is to pass on to them her love of nature. At home, outdoor activities are an integral part of her family life. Hunting, fishing, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. They are always outside rain or shine. In the summer she loves to travel the surrounding lakes by boat. Hunting migratory birds, bears, partridges and moose are his favorites. In winter, ice fishing is essential. Don't look for her, on weekends she's in the woods.
Montérégie, St-Hyacinthe

Joanie Gaudreault

Born in St-Ludger-de-Milot in Lac-Saint-Jean, Joanie spent her childhood growing up in the woods. Going on a road trip with his father after school to explore nature and camping in the woods is his passion. Now in Montérégie for several years in the field of catering and agriculture she has mixed this passion for harvesting her game with the agricultural side. She loves processing and discovering new flavors. She passes on her values ​​to her older daughter who accompanies her on her adventures.