Lemongrass candle

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7 oz size

Sunflower Wax (brand new in the field)

Lemongrass essential oil

Cotton wick

Glass jar metal lid

Burns approximately 50 hours

DISCLAIMER: By purchasing this product, you agree to a complete release from Cosmatik inc. Which means that the store is in no way responsible in the event of a minor or major fire, and is not responsible for any breakage of the object. Is not responsible for any injury or damage whatsoever. Read the label on the back of our candles carefully for additional warnings.

Note: Do not cap the candle once it is opened. Moving the candle can cause the wick to move. Do not relight the candle if the wick has moved. The flame would cause the glass to break due to overheating.
Do not use without supervision. Keep away from children and pets.

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